My Product Journey in 35mm 1 min

ChrisPy's Cinema

My journey started with graphic design and film, where I was obsessed with creating experiences that would move viewers. Many of my design practices stem from film like flows and wire-framing, which I used to call "storyboarding".

Baby "Startup" Steps

In 2016 I fell in love with tech, started a "startup," and learned design by doing, starting on Illustrator with no icon packs. So I made my own.

Learning by Doing (and Observing)

I stalked Airbnb and Uber, reading their case studies and analyzing their updates. Some of my foundations also came from looking at design systems like Google Material Design.

Launch, Iterate, Repeat

I learned to launch fast and iterate, optimizing for user behavior and quick development cycles in everything I built.

Non-Product Experiential Design

I'm fascinated with how design shapes our environment and societal behaviors. Naturally, the philosophies of UX bled into other areas of my life -- from designing the flows and narrative of events to creating a musical experiences through my Spotify playlists.

Life Outside of Tech

You can find me writing, golfing, and hosting dinners and co-working events.